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01 Service as a system
Service as a system
A well-structured service is not just "smiling more". It is a multi-faceted system used by World-Class Service companies, like: Ritz-Carlton, Nordstrom, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and many more.

The 10 Commandments of World-Class Service Companies is the methodology developed by and successfully implemented in companies around the World.

Service vision
Many companies have a mission statement, but few understand service vision, i.e. what is your 'Big Idea' in service? Why does your company exist for the client? What will the client lose if your company disappears from the market?
World-Class Culture
What do we do with our employees to help them embrace the atmosphere of service? How to find, teach, and keep people who provide service naturally?
Non- negotiable Experiential Standards
Do we have non-negotiable experience standards to reach a flawless level of service on every stage of customer interaction?
Secret Service
How are we using opportunities to personalize client's experience?
Training to provide World-Class Service
Are we teaching every employee on the importance and practical tools for great customer service?
and execution
How to take everything from paper to real life of every employee?
Zero risk
Do we have protocols in place when customer is dissatisfied? Are we really doing everything for client to return or does it take us a month to solve an issue?
Above and Beyond Culture
How can we help our employees strive not only to fulfill clients' needs but create a culture where the team would want to exceed customer's expectations?
Measuring Your Customer Experience
Do you have a clear and systematic way to measure your customer experience and act upon it?
World-Class Leadership
Do managers understand the importance of service? (This is a starting point since it is the foundation of a service system).
02 Questions
Questions we will definitely ask you during the first meeting
Why do you need service improvement?
How are you going to assess it?
Is your company ready to invest time in its transformation?
What is your biggest service challenge at the moment?
03 Methodology
Unique methodology
Works no matter of the product or scale of the company and market
'Service system is a soul of business'
It is a step-by-step algorithm and a set of tools, which help transition from spontaneous CX campaigns to systemic service management, engaging employees, and generating business growth.
We have experience in launching projects with adaptation to different markets
The methodology built on practical experience in different countries
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