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Discover the secret to the ultimate customer experience from the woman who started a Customer Service Revolution in the country where the world 'serve' does not exist
Customer Experience Inspirational Speaker
Everyone Talks About Customer
Experience But Only Few Companies
Have Discovered the Secret
Serve better
As a professional keynote speaker and consultant, Anastasia uses her experience and multicultural background to help audiences around the world to get inspired to provide ultimate service and to build a system around what seems to be a 'pink fog', i.e., customer service. Her cross-cultural experience helps to better understand why your employees are struggling to provide great service.

With a down to earth approach, a passion for service, wonderful sense of humor and sexy accent, she takes audiences on an entertaining and engaging journey that reveals why it is so hard to give our best to clients and why as leaders, we struggle 'making our employees' provide World Class Service. With her unique and mind shifting keynotes, breakouts, and training programs, she opens participants minds and hearts and gives them a clear system on improving customer service for good.

Keep your clients and employees
Impact your country
Service is Either in the Values of a Company or it's Fake
She started as an assistant to CEO of an international airlines and did not like the way they treated their passengers (of course). Later, she worked as an Executive for major tour operator and was looking for a systematic way to transform customer experience. She is a Certified Customer Experience Executive (CXEA, OH, USA), she has been certified personally by John DiJulius – the authority on Customer Service.

She took Service Quality course at Disney Institute and Ritz-Carlton training centre and has read every possible book with the word "Service" on cover. She is an adjunct professor at Kyiv Mohyla Business School (rated one of the best Business Schools in Europe) and has started a Customer Service Revolution in Europe. More than 10000 people have heard Anastasia speak and more than 50 large corporations (including Fortune500) have learnt from her.

She's got CRED
15 years
helping companies to transform their customer service
Anastasia has started a Customer Service Revolution in the country where the word 'serve' does not exist in the language. So, if you think that your company cannot change or that your people will never provide a great service, she is the one to talk to. Especially, if your business is employing or partnering with people from Eastern Europe. She believes that it's all in the mindset
Marketing Is Everything
Before Marriage And Service
is Everything After
Customer Experience events and conferences are always insightful and process-based. Are you looking for someone to stir it up a bit (a lot, actually), to add humor, energy and to motivate your audience to actually go ahead and transform Customer Experience?

Anastasia Vladychynska is a perfect choice for your next event on Customer Service or Customer Experience. She is chic, fun and intellectually stimulating. Her (vivid) performances are fueled with real life examples of transforming minds, companies (and even a country!). She will change everything you used to think about Customer Service.

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What Clients Got to Say
The most charismatic speaker on customer service I've ever seen
The most practical speaker I've ever seen! Who else would bring a real meat plate on stage to demonstrate restaurant service?
She's so real!
Expressive, impressive and straightforward
Charming, fun and intellectually stimulating
Inspirational and Devastatingly honest speaker