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Big idea
I've started a Customer Service Revolution in the country where the word 'SERVE' does not exist
The stereotypical form of sales is rapidly declining. Clients seek a true and trustworthy relationship, i.e. a completely different attitude towards themselves.

Therefore, to maintain and prosper your business, it is time for companies and organizations to change their mindset as to what SERVICE really is.

To get clients' attention companies are trying to manipulate prices in order to have an advantage among their competitors.
Creating an atmosphere of true service will allow you to not use price as a gimmick to draw customers. Prices will become less important.

A well-structured service is not just "smiling more". Like any other system, it is based on certain methods, which allows your company to create an atmosphere of genuine service inside and outside.
Service is not what a company provides. True Service – is what a client feels the company is providing
"Fix my company in a month" – this is not us. "Make my employees smile" – this is also not us, may we suggest a shrink :)

If you really want a service revolution, be aware this is a long process involving the owner, top managers of the company and -only then- the people who are dealing with customers.
01 The Big Idea
Taming prices
Who we are not
Why revolution?
02 The notion of 'Service'
Everyone understands Service differently
A business is often too bold to call itself a service company.
But is it really the case..?
«We serve our clients above all!»
Quite often this phrase is just an inspirational wallpaper in the office. However, the abundancy of like-hearted slogans does not improve the level of your service. Words remain only words until leaders of the company fully commit to making their company World-Class Service.

We believe in service companies, where service is about a system of values and culture and not only about rules and procedures.

Service is not what a company provides.
True service
True Service – is what a client feels the company is providing
03 What your clients think
What do your clients think of you?
The level of service you are offering to people is actively influencing your business results… in the long run!
company managers
And 80 percent of them are
sure their service is excellent
During a research conducted by Bain and Company 300 company managers were asked how good their service was. 80 percent were sure it was excellent.

clients of these companies

Only 8 percent agreed with the managers' opinion.
During the research only 8 percent of 3000 clients agreed with the managers' opinion.
04 New approach
Transitioning from past to future
Business realities change every day, does the way you approach your clients change as well?
What was before?
Before money was spent on marketing, in particular on ads and it worked because a client did not realize what exactly he or she needed for happiness.
It is time for the new economy, where mechanical traffic is replaced by person to person interaction in any business. Nowadays clients' feelings and impressions drive further cooperation.
What's now?
Be sincere with your clients and change by introducing the atmosphere of true service in order to prosper under these new conditions.
What's next?
05 Why
Why do you need service?
To increase the value of your company, since the better the service, the more expensive are your products, services and your business in general
The total profit of the company which you will be receiving from one client during the whole period of cooperation with them, so-called lifetime value, is one of the most important indexes in business
The increase in clients' loyalty is the basis for a profitable business. In order to have your sales regular and profitable, you need to win your clients' trust and love (produce emotional dependence).
Knowing your client, understanding his or her needs, and foreseeing their potential desires, you can create a product (service) that will be irresistible. This particular knowledge is invaluable.
For your company value
For loyalty
For strategy
06 Who
Who needs
effective service?

Would you like to be the best at what you do? (Or even the only one?)
Company Owner
Would you like to push and develop the idea of your life in a new way?
Do you wish your clients to not care about the price so much?
Do you desire your business to reach global standards?
Head of Sales
Are you brainstorming how
to keep your client?
Have you noticed that after a sale employees and clients do not build relationships anymore?
Are you looking for a completely new approach to your client?
HR Manager
Are you looking for ways to improve your corporate culture?
Are you tasked with engaging employees into a new business reality?
Would you like your employees to develop their knowledge and skills, and not leave after they face their first failure?
07 Hello
Who can create an atmosphere of true service for me?

I am Anastasia and I have started a Customer Service revolution in the country where the word 'SERVE' does not exist. So if you think your company will be hard to change, we should definitely talk!

I am a founder of Vladychynska Consulting, — a training and consulting company that helps national and multinational organizations dramatically improve their internal and external customer service. I teach Customer Experience Management at Kyiv Mohyla Business School and I help leaders to change their mindset as to what a 'service company' really is.

I have graduated from the Customer Experience Executive Academy (OH, USA), I've taken courses at Disney Institute and I am a professional speaker of the National Speakers Association in New York.
08 Who
Tools for your company
A long-term program, which consists of 10 stages of transformation into a company with an atmosphere of true and World-Class service. It starts with service vision and deeply influences the culture of service of your organization. I"ve been certified by the methodology has been developed by TheDiJulius Group, USA
A one or two day program providing an understanding of a systemic approach to improved cooperation with clients, where you will learn how to be a company with an atmosphere of true service.
Speeches which inspire and motivate managers and employees. A transformational approach to service as a way to influence people around us every day. Leading speaker at conferences and forums on service
Online consultation for a business that does not have a need or possibility to go through the full program. You prepare specific questions, your team, and a cup of coffee. We talk face to face online and during 1.5 hours Anastasia will be helping you to deal with your issue and provide solutions.
Online consultation
Service audit
A complex analysis of the current service level in your company.
What do we test? All communication channels with clients
What will you get? An honest report on all blind zones; results on all of the channel analysis and improvement recommendations
How can we help?
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9 Business Approach
Revolutionary Approach to CX by Anastasia Vladychynska
We will help your employees to become genuinely interested in your client's success.
We will help you to create a Service Idea to engage employees in
We will help you to personalize your clients' experience with you
We will help you to make your company a true service company
Your clients will remember the purchase, not the price
We will help to activate a service system used by World Class Service Companies around the globe
We will help you to become successful, because of your customers' happiness
10 Clients
Clients and friends of
Anastasia Vladychynska

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