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01 About webinars
TOMORROW YOU COULD WAKE UP AND LOSE EVERYTHING. Your job, your apartment, your belongings, everything.

I'm Anastasia Vladychynska and I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Before February, 24 I had a very successful consulting agency Vladychynska Consulting in Ukraine with national and international clients. I'm a certified Customer Experience Consultant, adjunct professor at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] and a global speaker. I've worked with brands like MaxMara, KENZO, Credit Agricole, McDonald's and even Jabil (Fortune 500). I've been featured in Authority Magazine, Good Day Arizona, Ticker News, spoke in Brussels, New York City and even India.

Proceeds will support 140+ women who have fled Ukraine

The regular price is 70 USD for one.

You can manually decrease or increase the price in the USD field once you hit BOOK

Today I'm in EU with my car and 1 suitcase having no idea what to do next.

My girlfriends - former clients or students - former top managers in Ukrainian companies- had to say good-bye to their husbands, pick up their kids, leave everything behind and flee Ukraine not even knowing where they would go.

One of them - a financial expert - had to leave with her 2 kids and just gave birth to the third one in a completely new country...

Right now I'm supporting 140+ women with accommodation, jobs and any other support.

Thus, I'm doing these masterclasses on everything related to Keeping your Clients, Working with clients long-term, Creating Customer Experience and Changing your employees attitude to customer service to fundraise for my girlfriends.

The regular price for an on-line master class is USD 70 for one, however, you can manually decrease or increase the amount in the USD field.

5 Masterclasses
02 Schedule of service webinars
How to attract, hire and retain employees with service DNA
How to create customer service standards for your business

How to create WOW Experience for your clients and employees

How to Make Unsatisfied Clients HIGHLY SATISFIED?
How to get organic referrals with highly satisfied clients and what to avoid if you want to keep clients for life

For who:
04 For who
business owners who understand that they will not be able to survive without the support of existing customers
company executives who understand that they want to have highly service company to their customers, partners and employees
heads of customer service departments
company executives who want to stay in the market for a long time
company executives who want to be different using the service
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